Dracula Reviews

Chicago Tribune
"Funny, progressive Halloween alternative for anyone in the mood for a few fangs and many gallons of flowing blood without being chased around a warehouse with a chainsaw. Especially in Act 2, I found myself laughing away a good deal...and there are some highly inventive visual scares, which is difficult to pull off in a theater like the Mercury. The special effects (by Jon Beal) are great.”
Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“This production brings on the artillery of laughs! Great comedy and panache...hilariously satirical.”
-Tonika Todorova, Performink

Chicagoland Theater Reviews
“A fun adult evening in the company of an enticing villain.”
-Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews

Around the Town Chicago
“The sound (Joe Griffin) was almost perfect. When doing something as creative as bringing a monster to a small stage, one needs a specialist to create the violence and gore design. Many people did not even know that such a theater position even existed. It does, and Jon Beal handles it with a great touch.”
-Al Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

“The laughs and thrills come quickly and plentifully.”
-Adelaide Lee, Theatermania